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Some features of our Bulk SMS Solution:

  • Powerful SMS Merge (mail merge on sms) enables you to send personalized SMS to your recipients. Supports up to 4 customizable fields merging in addition to Name and Phone Number
  • No hardware or software installation required
  • Global coverage - 362 mobile operators over 115 countries
  • Single or Bulk SMS request
  • Sub-Accounts Setup & Management
  • User controlled Credit Transfer capability
  • Contact list upload & maintenance
  • Create and send SMS to different groups of recipients
  • Real time status logs for all sent SMS messages
  • Schedule SMS delivery to run at specific time and date
  • The connection is secured by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Flat-rate charge to more than 90% of the world's mobile subscribersv
  • SMS sending feature can be easily adaptable and integrated to your existing web applications via our API
  • 24/7 send whenever you wish with 99.9% uptime


Common Questions and Answers

  1. What Are Some Of The Advantages Of Using SMS Marketing?

    In 2008, Malaysian sent over 73 billion text messages. Over 90% of text messages are read. Want to cut through the noise? Text messaging has quickly supplanted email as the direct marketing channel of choice for savvy brands. The text messages we send for you are delivered directly to the carriers. They'll arrive in your customers' hands in minutes.

  2. How Do I Launch An SMS Marketing Campaign On My Own?

    SMS88 is a do-it-yourself SMS Marketing platform. While we work with our corporate clients in the whole Malaysia, we know that most businesses don't have the budget for an expensive, agency-run campaign -- and that's why we built SMS88. Our SMS Marketing platform is web-based, it's easy to use, and it's affordable for any budget.

  3. How Much Does SMS88 Blast Cost?

    You can pay for your SMS Marketing campaigns by buying SMS credits from us at attractive. The more you purchase, the cheaper the price. And most importantly, you'll never pay a Setup Fee!

    Please note: Our SMS credits purchased never expire. Either way, you'll never sign a contract, and you'll never pay for incoming messages. Check out our pricing from our personnel, please call 03-90763669.

  4. If I have message credits left over at the end of the year, do they carry-over to the next year?

    We offer unlimited lifetime for your SMS88 Blast credits.

  5. How Do You Count The Messages I Send?

    Each SMS Credits is equal to one message to one phone number. So, if you were to send a message to 100 people, it would count as 100 SMS Credits.

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